A Fast and Lightweight Audio Player for Linux written in Qt

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TepSonic is just yet another audio player. It's based on Qt 5, it's simple, fast, lightweight, but it has various features that one can expect to find in an application like this. The goal is to provide an audio player that will fit daily needs of average users, without growing to be a huge beast.



In 2009 I was starting with C++ and Qt and so TepSonic was born. It went through many iterations and it has been rewritten from scratch several times since then. I dropped the project in mid 2011 due to lack of time (and motivation). Recently I decided to resurrect it, fix all the bugs, solve all the design issues and essentially apply all the experience I collected over the years while working on various Qt and KDE projects.



mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../
make install


If you find something you think that is a bug, please use issue tracker on GitHub.


Please, feel free to contribute to TepSonic in any way. You can get latest sources from https://github.com/danvratil/TepSonic and start working on it. If you have any question, I'll be happy to answer it :-)